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  1. Young D, Willett F, Memberg W, Murphy B, Rezaii P, Walter B, Sweet J, Miller J, Shenoy KV, Hochberg LR, Kirsch R, Ajiboye AB (2018) Closed-loop cortical control of virtual reach and posture using cartesian and joint velocity commands. Journal of Neural Engineering. In Press.
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  3. Stavisky SD, Kao JC, Nuyujukian P, Pandarinath C, Blabe C, Ryu SI, Hochberg LR, Henderson JM, Shenoy KV (2018) Brain-machine interface cursor position only weakly affects monkey and human motor cortical activity in the absence of arm movements. Scientific Reports.8:1635.7pdf url
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  5. Williams AH, Kim TH, Wang F, Vyas S, Ryu SI, Shenoy KV, Schnitzer M, Kolda TG, Ganguli S (2018) Unsupervised discovery of demixed, low-dimensional neural dynamics across multiple timescales through tensor components analysis. Neuron.98:1-17 pdf url
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    • ​​Preview piece by Natraj N & Ganguly K (2018) Shaping reality through mental rehearsal. Neuron. 97:998-1000. pdf url
  9. O’Shea DJ, Shenoy KV (2018) ERAASR: An algorithm for removing electrical stimulation artifacts from multielectrode array recordings. Journal of Neural Engineering. 15:026020 (17pp) pdf url github
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    • ​​Preview piece by Scott S (2017) Stalling for time: It’s not the magnitude, but the way neurons fire that matters. Neuron. 95:6-8. pdf url
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    • ​​Preview piece on Sheahan HR, Franklin DF, Wolpert DM (2016) Motor planning, not execution, separates motor memories. Neuron. 92:772-779. pdf
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    • ​​Video abstract by Neuron: "Shenoy and Carmena introduce the concept of a brain-machine interface, how to desigin a decoder algorithm to convert neural activity into prosthetic control signals, and how to engage neural adaptation and plasticity. Combining decoder design and neural adaptation may lead to better BMI performance, robustness, and generalization." 
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    • Movie 1 Movie demonstrating the quality of the FORCE decoder. Monkey J, 2/4/2011.
    • Movie 2 Movie demonstrating the quality of the FORCE decoder. Monkey L, 2/10/2011.
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    • ​​NATURE WEB FOCUS (url) -- Brain-Machine Interfaces introduction: "Brain-machine interfaces promise to aid paralyzed patients by re-routing movement-related signals around damaged parts of the nervous system. A new study in Nature demonstrates a human with spinal injury manipulating a screen cursor and robotic devices by thought alone (Hochberg et al. Nature 442:164-171, 2006). Implanted electrodes in his motor cortex recorded neural activity, and translated it into movement commands. A second study, in monkeys, shows that brain-machine interfaces can operate at high speed, greatly increasing their clinical potential (Santhanam et al. Nature 442:195-198, 2006). This Nature Web Focus includes exclusive interviews and video footage of experiments, alongside papers that paved the way for these recent advances."
    • Nature News & Views -- Scott SH (2006) Neuroscience: Converting thoughts into action. Nature 442:141-142. pdf
    • Nature News Features -- Abbott A (2006) Neuroprosthetics: In search of the sixth sense. Nature 442:125-127. pdf
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    • Nature Video Streaming -- Brain Machine Interfaces. videos
    • Nature Podcast -- Smith C & Lacey A (2006) audio transcript
    • News articles lists selected items (e.g., NY TimesThe Economist, NPR Talk of the Nation Science Friday)
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PhD Thesis

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