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Companies & Groups

"Brain machine interfacing microetching" by Dr. Greg Dunn. Comissioned by Carnegie Mellon University on the occassion of awarding Prof. Shenoy the 2018 Andrew Carnegie Mind and Brain Prize.


Some university groups that are working in related areas: (1) systems neuroscience, (2) computational and theoretical neuroscience, (3) neuroengineering, (4) translational neuroscience and medical systems, and (5) in various ways related to Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).

Some related communities:

  • NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology
    • Accelerate by providing key resources and learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and worldwide technological initiatives
    • The 3 pillars are “Community”, “Education”, and “Professional Development”
  • Texax Biomedical Device Center, Dallas, TX

Some related startup and medical device companies:


Some related large high-tech companies:

  • Alphabet (Google, Google X), Mountain View, CA (and around globe)
  • Apple, Cupertino, CA (and around globe)
  • Facebook, Menlo Park, CA (and around globe)


Note: These lists are intended to be inclusive.  Any exclusions are purely inadvertent.  Important university groups and companies have no doubt been inadvertently overlooked.  Please contact Prof. Krishna Shenoy ( if you have additions to suggest.

Companies & Groups

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